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What is Vaping or Vaporizing?

What is vaporizing or "vaping."  Vaporizing or "Vaping" is an alternative method of inhaling cannabis compounds, namely THC, CBD and the other minor cannabinoids.  Vaporizers heat the cannabis flower without combustion.  This extracts the 100's of cannabis compounds and turns them into a "vapor" or steam.  This vapor is what is inhaled.  Because there is no smoke, no carcinogens are inhaled.  This is the thought of why vaping cannabis is safer than smoking cannabis.


Methods of vaping:

Dry Flower Vaporizers are essentially hand-held and desktop ovens.  They are able to heat cannabis flower, often times to a set temperature to allow cannabinoids and other compounds to be extracted and turned into a vapor.

Vape carts/pods/extracts use liquid, semi-liquid to solid cannabis oils.  These "extracts" are heated and the contents turn into a "vapor" similar to water turning to steam on a stove top.Learn more here.

Below you will find incredible deals on limited quantities of both types of vaporizers at greatly reduced prices.

*Open box products are display models and have not been used.

Kandy Pens Elite

510 Carts and Concentrates

Kandy Pens Galaxy

510 Carts and Concentrates

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