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Serenity Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our organic whole plant extract includes all the cannabinoids and plant compounds naturally found in hemp. This product contains less than 0.3% THC and therefore does not create a "high". It does however have a light minty taste & can help you access a sense of calm.

Available in 750mg and 1500mg

CBD Body Butter

CBD Body Butter

Moisturizing and nourishing for a supple, healthy complexion, our Body Butter combines 400mg of CBD with a rich terpene formulation.  Our CBD-rich cream also contains cocoa butter, shea butter and chamomile to help.

THC-free Awakening CBD Oil
CBD Freeze Cream


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Freeze Cream

Our terpene-rich hemp, safflower and shea oil topical cream is intended for muscles and joints.  The "freeze" refers to this blend's small amount of menthol, which create a subtle cooling sensation which can help.

CBD Gummie with CBG

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Our multi-fruit flavored Vegan Full Spectrum CBD +CBG gummies are not only yummy, but also a convenient and reliable way to get your CBD in each day! 

Lavender CBD Bath Bomb Powder

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Lavender CBD Bath Bomb Powder

Allow yourself to relax and soak.  Place the powder in a warm bath or sprinkle onto the shower floor. Our terpene rich CBD Bath Bomb Powder allows you to add the perfect amount for you. It has 500mg of CBD with a soothing lavender scent.    Experience how the powder will enhance your bathing experience.

Terpene Rich Pet CBD Oil

 CBD Isolate Oil for Pets

Your furry family members also have Endocannabinoids systems and therefore can benefit from our premium CBD isolate oil! Our pet product contains zero THC.

Morning Clarity Full Spectrum Vape

Who doesn't want to get things going with clarity & composure?


The Morning Clarity Disposable Vape's organic sativa hemp terpene blend may be a wonderful way to support the start of your day!

The battery comes fully charged & ready roll, so you can be too.

Daily Bliss Full Spectrum Vape

Searching for a midday reset & refresh?


The Daily Bliss Disposable Vape's organic hybrid hemp terpene blend is suitable for a subtle shift whenever you need it.

Simply puff to activate!